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PLEASE NOTE Recruitment has now ended for sites in England. However, we remain OPEN to recruitment from the Neath, Port Talbot and Swansea Bay areas of Wales until beginning of June.

Men – If you are concerned about your behaviour and are looking for help you can:

A member of our research team will be in touch to discuss your options without judgment. Your information will be treated in confidence.


Women – If you are a partner or ex-partner affected by abusive behaviour and would like to contact the research team with a question about the research or group programme:

A member of the research team will be in touch.


Professionals – If you are a professional seeking to refer someone you are working with:

Please contact the research team using the email: or call us on 07976 225 462 or 07870 376 548. You can also find more information by clicking ‘For professionals’ here or in the above menu bar.

Academics and commissioners seeking more information about REPROVIDE, please email